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Venture24 has been designed to fit any budget with low-cost expeditions starting from as little as $100.



The fixed Core Camp Fee at Lardner Park

$250 for Service Leaders

$350 for Line Leaders



Variable Expedition Fee starting from $100

Leaders from $95



Variable costs for flying to and from the event

Leader price: variable

Fee Assistance

Attending major events such as Cuborees, Jamborees and Ventures can be life changing experiences which shapes young people’s lives but they also come with a cost that can be hard for some families to afford.


Fundraising is an important part of preparing for Venture24 and can significantly lower the cost for participants to attend the event. Some ideas which have been successful in fundraising for past events include:

  • Bunnings sausage sizzles

  • Carwashes

  • Bake sales

  • Fundraising badges

  • Chocolate sales

  • Garage/Car boot sale

  • Trivia/Bingo night

  • Flyer deliveries for local businesses

  • Monster Scout Raffle


We also highly encourage you to work as a team with your unit! Organising fundraisers together can be more fun and allows everyone in your unit to reach their goals together.  


Available to Victorian participants are multiple fee assistance programs. For those attending a domestic expedition funding is available from the NEAR fund for the core camp and expedition. For those attending an overseas expedition funding is available for the expedition component only from the EML fund. To qualify for these funds you must meet the criteria specified and have not previously used the fund you wish to utilise. The criteria is as follows:


  1. You must complete all sections of the Application form and provide ALL supporting documentation for your application to be processed.

  2. In addition to the form you will need to supply:

    • A letter of support from a Leader within your Section.

    • A letter of support from your Group Leader or Group Chairman, or a letter of support from your District Commissioner or the District Leader of your section.

    • A letter of support from someone not related to you, from outside of Scouting, who has known you well for at least the past three years.

  3. Mail, email or deliver the form and all three letters together to:
    Application for Event Funding
    Victorian Scout Centre
    152 Forster Road
    Mount Waverley VIC 3149


Funding is made on a ‘needs’ basis and all information supplied with the application is completely confidential. ‘Needs’ can be very widely interpreted, for instance family size and ages, hardships such as illness, unemployment or drought. Please detail below your specific needs and give us any other information to support this application.


If you are from outside Victoria please check with your branch/NSO for what fee assistance programs they have on offer and for any assistance or if you have any questions please contact us

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